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Dear Royal Rangers Leaders,

In a April we are declared that Doug y. Marsh would be a transitioning into Full-Time administration of Royal Rangers International. Since that Time Of we have been on continuous discussions with pioneers from around the country as we have piously considered competitors that have to submitted for USA executive of Royal Rangers.
We are eager to impart to you that can Karl A. Fleig, previous Indiana locale CE and men's executive, has acknowledged our welcome to the lead this basic discipleship service. Karl was conveyed to the psyches of key pioneers free of each other and after that affirmed in what must be portrayed as an otherworldly calling.

Karl accompanies more than 13 years of authority in the Indianas locale office and has been included in fluctuating Degree of a Royal Rangers for more than that. His region part had him included in men's service, discipleship, children's camp, and the sky is the limit from there. He was extremely dynamic in a Royal Rangers which including going to LEAD as well as other national preparing for various years.
I might want to compliment Karl Fleig as well as Doug Marsh in their dedication to a solid move and a sound relations of Royal Ranger of USA .as well as Royal Rangers, International. Both of them men have an enthusiasm for coaching the cutting edge and will function admirably together to fortify this service all inclusive.

New Regional Coordinator Appointed

My name is Mike Simmons, and I am your Regional Coordinator. I am here to assist you in any way possible. Among my many duties, the priority is to fulfill the following objectives:

In today’s world, mentoring boys into Godly men presents more of a challenge than ever before.   However, Godly men stand out from the crowd more than ever!  So, be encouraged, you are affecting lives for eternity!